Welcome from the President

We at IBES regard education as the principal key to civilisation and human progress.

Our mission is to enable our students to develop their innate skills and abilities, whether technical, cognitive, moral, or physical. This means providing opportunities and appropriate challenges to assist students, wherever they may be domiciled, to achieve their goals.

This philosophy leads us to ensure that our faculty and staff pay close attention to the needs and aspirations of our students but never compromise on quality in the interests of accessibility. IBES lecturers will always go the extra kilometre for our students, whom we expect to respond with dedication and hard work.

Many elements combine to make a great and effective university. The dedication of our staff, the wisdom and expertise of our Academic Board, our focus upon student welfare and upon constant assessment, monitoring and training of our staff not only ensure high-quality education but also show students that education is a lifelong endeavour. Skills degrade as needs change, but lifelong learning secures constant relevance and employability.

Although we are devoted to the academic and technical achievements of our students, we emphasise in all our curricula the responsibility of successful people to contribute to their society, together with the centrality of human ethics to business. Human factors provide the edge in all endeavours, and we are confident that we are developing talented and ethical people devoted to the highest standards in all they do. We also encourage our students to see themselves as world citizens. A sane and intelligent patriotism must not obscure one’s role as a citizen of the globe. Our duties, our markets, our innovation and our responsibilities transcend national boundaries, and Brittany graduates are superbly prepared to make a contribution anywhere in the world.

We invite you to find out more about us and explore what we can do to help you and your family members develop your full potentialities. I am immensely proud of my involvement with IBES because we resolved, successfully, to be at the forefront of relevant learning.

Dr Stephen Vickers



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