BA (Hons) in Business Administration

Dual Awards from IBES and UCAM

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Boost employability

A BABA gives you the expertise all organisations need in increasingly competitive markets.

Bachelors degree online

Fit your learning around your other commitments, at times of the day that suit you. The Bachelor’s is fully remote.

Widely recognised qualifications

Dual awards from IBES and UCAM.

About the BABA Programme

Qualifications, professional registration, and accreditation. Successful applicants will gain a dual or triple Masters degree from IBES, UCAM, and/or VERN University.

Programme Structure

The BA (Hons) in Business Administration consists of a total of 22 taught modules. The table below summarises the programme structure and module offerings.

Year 1ModuleCredit Value
1Business Accounting7.5 ECTS
2Business Economics7.5 ECTS
3Principles Of Management7.5 ECTS
4Principles of Marketing7.5 ECTS
5Business English7.5 ECTS
6Business Law7.5 ECTS
7Information Systems for Business7.5 ECTS
8Business Numeracy and Finance7.5 ECTS
Year 2ModuleCredit Value
1Managerial Accounting7.5 ECTS
2Marketing Management7.5 ECTS
3People and Organisation7.5 ECTS
4Managing People7.5 ECTS
5International Business Environment7.5 ECTS
6Intercultural Management7.5 ECTS
7Internet Marketing7.5 ECTS
8Operations Management7.5 ECTS
Year 3ModuleCredit Value
1International Human Resources Management10 ECTS
2Business Planning for New Ventures10 ECTS
3Business Innovation10 ECTS
4Strategic Management10 ECTS
5E-Commerce and Digital Economy10 ECTS
6Digital Marketing Essentials10 ECTS
 Total Credits180 ECTS

To complete the programme and gain the BA (Hons) in Business Administration qualification, a student must gain a total of 180 ECTS.

Each module term will be delivered over a duration of 8 weeks per module (including the period for assessments) where the cycle of delivery will follow a prescribed module planner for a full academic year.

Entry Requirements

The minimum entry requirements into Year 1 of this BA (Hons) in Business Administration Year include the following:

  • a minimum of 2 A Levels passes;
  • any other equivalent achievement in certified awards such as Higher School
    Certificate, Canadian Grade 13 etc;
  • NVQ/QCF/RQF Level 3 awards; or
  • a recognised University Access or Foundation programme.

Demonstrate English Language proficiency in order to participate in the programme taught in English. Proficiency can be recognised based on completion of any programme with a minimum duration of 6 months and taught and assessed in the English Language or IELTS 5.0 or equivalent such as TOEFL.

Student that has done a qualification examined in English at European Qualification Framework ( EQF) Level 3 and above would satisfy the English requirement.

The Regulated English Test administered by ESOL Awards and accredited by the Scottish Credit Qualification Framework (SCQF) which is aligned with the CEFR grades of B1+ and above will satisfy the English Language requirement. Please contact IBES for details.

A few words from a graduate

Completing my Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration is a monumental achievement that I am immensely proud of. This journey was a true test of my time management and dedication. Balancing my work responsibilities with the demanding assignments and projects was challenging, yet undeniably rewarding. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the supervisors who guided and supported me throughout this educational odyssey. Your expertise and patience were invaluable, enabling me to navigate the intricate subjects and deliver my best work. Initially skeptical due to my tight schedule, I overcame obstacles that threatened to impede my progress. The course's diverse assignments equipped me with practical skills that I've already started applying in my professional sphere. While the road was tough and demanding, I am elated to have triumphed over these challenges and earned my degree. My family's unwavering support and understanding, coupled with the encouragement of my supervisors, played a pivotal role in my success. This achievement is not just mine; it belongs to all who believed in me. As I step into the next chapter, I carry with me the knowledge, experiences, and memories from this enriching academic journey.
Lim Nah

A few words from the Chief Academic Officer

“Our DBA and MBA programmes are designed to meet the aspiring needs of business leaders and practitioners. We have a fully integrated online learning management system to manage all aspects of an online university, including access to a world-class online e-library and databases to support learning and research by our students. We have put together a strong academic team drawn from international academic and industry communities to deliver the programme. IBES, in partnership with VERN University, Croatia, gives students a programme of study with dual awards.”
Professor Dr Chan Chee Seng
Chief Academic Officer

About IBES

IBES was established with one vision in mind – to facilitate and make available high-quality programmes and recognised qualifications globally through transnational education partnerships. We aim to offer individuals across jurisdictions the opportunity to transform their lives by giving them access to prized further education and training which is further enhanced by internationally recognised qualifications. This will significantly augment their education, qualifications, employability and career progression.

As our mission is to enhance learning through collaborative and transnational education partnerships, all our degrees will have dual awards.

“IBES offers educational excellence, underpinned by the ethics and ethos of a utopian as we aim to do this through an academic curriculum that inspires thinking and building on the strengths of each individual.”

Jean Francois Jadin



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Please note that your final certificate and transcript must be in accordance with the name stated in your National Identity Card or valid Passport.
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