When I decided to defer my attainment of a doctorate degree earlier in life, I never thought I would then have to wait for 25 years. Years of juggling time between family and businesses had almost drained my passion in pursuing the dream of becoming a doctor in a professional field. Most of the doctorate programs out there are demanding, lengthy, and requires a lot of time in travelling, not to mention costly, too. In 2021, a window of opportunity suddenly opened. I finally managed to find a Doctor of Education program which has high standards but not pressurizing. Zoom classes and self-directed assignments catered to my personal and work schedules. With some self-discipline to spice things up, I am on my way to my final thesis submission. I was not left alone during my thesis writing and I am grateful that my supervisor was helpful and warm. I had clear guidelines to follow, but also much room for spontaneity and choices. In only two years, I am amazed at the amount of new knowledge I have acquired and important revisions I have done.  

Ng Cheong Wa, Rose – EdD Alumni

Macao SAR 

After gaining 25 years of experience in senior management for international companies with roles related to Sustainability, Global Citizenship, Environmental, Health, and Safety.  It’s high time for me to extend the paths into a more creative and meaningful environment – Education – Succession. 

Doctorate in education (EdD) is a program that offers an innovative focus towards advanced study and research, with a focus on valuing professional practice and engaging in applied research in the Learning Environment; Digital Education; as well as Leadership and Organization Transformation in both large and small organization.

It was a good mix of the taught and thesis model. This led me to research many studies pertaining to various aspects of Education dynamics and practically apply the same.

The Brittany Université left me with an open mind and important skills that I have deployed to the work I do now. My mind became open to the endless opportunities available to make a difference!

Wong Eric

EdD – Alumni

My MBA program enrolment at Brittany Universite was a life-changing experience, went much above my expectations in many ways. The curriculum offered a comprehensive grasp of business dynamics by skilfully fusing academic knowledge with practical applications. The instructors, who were a mix of seasoned academics and industry experts, brought unmatched experience to the classroom and encouraged critical thinking and thoughtful discussion.

The program’s focus on group learning broadened my viewpoint through stimulating conversations with a varied group of participants. In addition to deepening my grasp of international business processes, the sharing of ideas and experiences improved my interpersonal and collaborative abilities. The program’s signature case-study methodology gave me the opportunity to analyse actual business problems and gain useful insights into making strategic decisions and addressing problems.

The program’s dedication to remaining current with industry developments made sure that I gained pertinent and current knowledge, which is an essential skill in the quickly changing corporate landscape of today.

The program’s emphasis on leadership development was one of its most notable aspects. I improved my leadership abilities and developed the self-assurance to handle challenging business situations through intensive projects, coaching sessions, and leadership workshops. The focus on moral leadership emphasized the value of corporate social responsibility and gave me a purpose that goes beyond financial gains.

Looking back, I see that enrolling in this MBA program was a crucial decision for my career. In addition to giving me a strong foundation in business, it also gave me the flexibility and fortitude I required to succeed in a constantly shifting commercial environment. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my professional life to pursue an MBA since I am sure that the knowledge and abilities I have acquired during this program will continue to positively affect my career trajectory.

Jared Brent Copilah

MBA – Alumni

I joined IBES not knowing what to expect. I’m doing the MA in TESOL course not because I specifically wanted to but because it was cheap, and I got a discount.  I think it’s fairer to say I didn’t care what to expect. I’m an ESL teacher by trade, and any good ESL teacher will tell you that experience matters more than qualifications. So why did I take the course? Well, apart from a friend pressuring me into doing it, I wanted to see if I am capable of doing it and if I really know what I think I know and what I think I know is correct. Full discourse: IBES was not the first university I joined to pursue an MA in TESOL (or equivalent), but IBES is the one I recommend.

Like I said, I’m studying this to see if I’m doing a good job as a teacher and to see what else I can learn. I don’t think I have ever been more confident in myself and my abilities than I am now. IBES is an excellent higher education institute. Where other universities left me confused and demotivated, IBES has made me feel empowered.  

The course is well managed meaning all I (you) have to do is study. The support staff are extremely helpful and friendly. The assignments are easy to understand, and so much fun to do. Access to the study materials is simple, easy, and intuitive, but it could be more ergonomic, and the pages could load quicker. However, the most important thing I look for as student is a teacher who can make me feel confident enough to reach the next the level.

This is what I will miss the most about when I am no longer an IBES student, and something I wish I could do more of. That is talk with the professors and lectures. IBES has some incredible people working for it, academic masters of their field. They are kind, patient, helpful, but most of all willing to hear my opinions, and even validate my experiences. In my opinion this is something I would like to IBES expand upon. I would like to spend more time listening to what these intelligent and experienced people have to share. I’ve learned so much from IBES and its lectures, and I would love to learn more. I’m not the most confident person about myself, but I do take pride in my ability. I would like to thank IBES for building my confidence in my abilities and for helping me grow to the next level of my career. I joined IBES not knowing what to expect, but now I know there is no limit to what I can do. Thank you, IBES!

Richard Longmire Bowns

MA TESOL – Alumni

In my time in the program, I have consistently been impressed by the high caliber of faculty who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. I have truly been impressed by their commitment to providing quality education and their willingness to go above and beyond to support their students.


Moreover, the program’s curriculum offers a broad range of topics, allowing me to gain a comprehensive understanding of educational theories, practices, and research. With its interactive and engaging nature, the courses have fostered a collaborative learning environment, which has enabled me to exchange ideas and perspectives with my peers from different backgrounds.

I particularly appreciate the emphasis placed on practical application and real-world experience. In the program, I have had numerous opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired in real educational settings, allowing me to bridge the gap between theory and practice in a meaningful way.

Furthermore, the program coordinators and staff have provided outstanding support and guidance. Their responsiveness, approachability, and willingness to address any concerns or queries have made my academic journey smoother and more fulfilling.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse the Master of Education (M.Ed) program at our university. It has not only provided me with the tools and knowledge to excel in the field of education but has also equipped me with a passion for lifelong learning and professional development. I am confident that the program’s commitment to excellence will continue to inspire and empower future educators.

Chung Mun Wah Rita

M.Ed Alumni

Pursuing my Doctor of Education (EdD) degree at Brittany University provided valuable experiences that prepared me for research-driven roles in my professional career. I currently work as an Education Business Manager at Apple Inc., where my responsibilities include managing business functions, initiatives and driving eLearning across Hong Kong and Macau. 


During my doctoral research, I learned to apply scholarly practices in conducting empirical research, supported ably by my dissertation supervisor’s subject matter expertise. This inspired my ongoing commitment to knowledge-building through continued scholarly inquiry. The EdD program equipped me with confidence and competence in research-centric environments, emphasizing effective communication and application of best practices across quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches. 


A key benefit to my career was the opportunity to design, conduct and present my own research. Additionally, I networked with alumni from diverse geographic and disciplinary backgrounds, cultivating connections that remain professionally valuable. Most significantly, I gained empowerment to define my own career aspirations and trajectory.


Brittany University offers excellent online learning resources and student support services that facilitated a smooth and rewarding doctoral journey. The program’s high standards and impact-driven approach left me well-placed to recommend it wholeheartedly to professional contacts in education leadership positions across Hong Kong and wider regions. Overall, my EdD equipped me with translatable research skills and perspectives that have proven invaluable in my current role managing education initiatives and driving innovation.

Tony Cheung

EdD – Alumni

It is with great pleasure that I express my gratitude and admiration for the exceptional educational journey I have experienced at IBES. My name is T.M. Vishwa Sayuru Disanayake, an English language teacher from Sri Lanka, currently enrolled in the Master’s program in TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) at IBES. IBES has truly proven itself to be a pioneer in the realm of online education, offering a world-class learning environment that transcends geographical boundaries. As a student progressing through the TESOL program, I have successfully completed four out of six modules, with my fifth module currently underway. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed, providing a comprehensive understanding of TESOL principles and methodologies. One of the key aspects that sets IBES apart is its commitment to excellence in online education. The AIBT Learning Centre in Sri Lanka, affiliated with IBES, has been instrumental in facilitating my academic journey. The online learning portal is a treasure trove of resources, offering recorded lectures and easy access to study materials. This accessibility has significantly enhanced my learning experience, allowing me to delve deeper into the subject matter at my own pace. I must commend IBES for maintaining impeccable standards in education and assessments. The institution’s dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of the program. The assessments are rigorous, ensuring that students acquire a profound understanding of TESOL concepts and their practical application. I would also like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the esteemed faculty members who have played a pivotal role in shaping my academic progress. Ms. Rhoda, Dr. Chandran, and Prof. Dr. Chan have proven to be more than just instructors—they are mentors who are genuinely invested in the success of their students. Their teaching methods are not only excellent but also interactive, fostering an environment conducive to productive learning. In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere thanks to IBES and the AIBT learning centre for providing me with an enriching and fulfilling educational experience. As I continue my journey in the TESOL program, I am confident that the skills and knowledge I have gained will empower me in my role as an English language teacher. I wish IBES continued success in its commitment to delivering outstanding online education and shaping the future of educators around the globe. May the institution continue to inspire and lead in the realm of online learning.

Thank you, IBES, for being a beacon of excellence in education.
Warm regards,

T.M. Vishwa Sayuru Disanayake

MA TESOL – Alumni

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