Career Guidance and Counselling Cell

The career guidance and counselling cell’s mission is to help students thrive in their careers and academically by strengthening their ability to deal with stress, encouraging sound decision-making, and fostering healthier relationships. The purpose of the career guidance and counselling cell is to better prepare students for the challenges of today’s employment market and help them develop skills that will help them navigate the job market and progress in their careers.

Career Guidance

IBES offers a self-help Career Guidance Online Diagnostic tool to assist students in undertaking assessments to gauge their attributes/ aptitudes and career options.

Our Online Diagnostic tool

The Advanced Self-Directed Search (ASDS) is a groundbreaking psychometric system designed to revolutionise career planning and interpersonal relationships.

What sets the ASDS apart is its integration of data from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database, ensuring that its career recommendations are data-driven and up-to-date. This enhances the accuracy and relevance of its suggestions, making it a dependable tool for career planning.​

In today’s diverse and fast-changing job market, the ASDS offers a lifeline by helping individuals understand themselves better, discover compatible career options, and formulate precise career plans. Its commitment to accessibility and catering to individuals of all backgrounds makes it a powerful choice for those seeking fulfilment in their professional lives. You can access this service via this link:

Additional Career Counselling Services

Programme Leaders can also offer career guidance if students need additional career advice. They can be reached via email or using the student portal. In addition, students can avail themselves of additional career counselling services at:

Further Education

All our respective Programme Leaders are contactable and will provide one-on-one counselling and advice for further education on demand.

Meet with a Programme Leader

Online Drop-in


For quick questions via the student portal.

Directly contact their programme leader with your questions or concerns via the student portal.


Book an appointment

Email your programme leader to book a meeting. Specify in the email the motif of the appointment and whether you prefer a phone call or a Zoom meeting.

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