Student Welfare Counselling

IBES’s welfare counselling service is to promote the physical, mental, and social well-being of students and help them succeed in their studies and in their lives. Student welfare counselling aims to create a safe and healthy learning environment and promote and protect mental health. Student welfare and well-being is the responsibility of all IBES staff in the online learning space. Counselling gives you a safe and confidential space to talk to a trained professional about your issues and concerns.

How to get counselling

You can contact the Student Welfare Counsellor by writing an email to

  • Email the counsellor with any issues and schedule an online counselling session.
  • Before the session, the counsellor will send you a link to the virtual meeting room.
  • The Online Counselling session is scheduled to take about 45 minutes. All topics are suitable for an online session.

We are bound by confidentiality, and all enquiries are treated with full discretion.


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